Rosson Anderson

East Region – Birmingham, AL

Rosson came on staff in June 2013.  He resides in Birmingham, AL, and covers the Southeast region for CGF.

Rosson graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Business.  Having attended the same church as Stephen Bunn in Birmingham, Rosson got plugged in with CGF right away.  While Rosson doesn’t remember a time when he was not a believer, Stephen discipled Rosson throughout his college years and continues to this day.

At the age of 10, Rosson was diagnosed with a stomach disease called Crohn’s Disease.  Due to his Crohn’s and several other health issues, Rosson’s college golf career came to an abrupt halt after his sophomore year at Auburn.  After deciding to take a medical hardship, Rosson continued his education at Auburn and graduated in May 2012.

Due to not having to play amateur golf in the summers, Rosson took a youth intern position the summers of 2011 and 2012 at his uncle’s church in Minnesota.  These summers had a huge impact on Rosson, where he really grew and matured in the Lord, and ultimately led him to pursue a full-time vocational ministry position.

Upon graduation, Rosson joined the Briarwood Fellows program, an intense 9 month leadership development program at Briarwood Presbyterian.  He worked in the business department part-time at Golden Flake Snake Foods, served in several areas of ministry at the church and in the city, and also took seminary courses.  His love and desire to serve in a full-time ministry role really took off during these 9 months and his longing to reach the lost for the Gospel has really grown and developed.

Rosson plans on continuing to take seminary courses and to pursue a Masters of Divinity degree from Birmingham Theological Seminary.  He will reach teams throughout the Southeast region.