Draegen Majors

Central Region – Tulsa, OK

Draegen was raised in Bixby, OK and currently lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

Draegen played college golf at SMU in Dallas, TX and lettered all four years. During his freshman year, he was introduced to Brad Payne and began attending the weekly bible study with  CGF.  It was through these weekly studies and time with Brad that Draegen began investigating Christianity.  By his final semester of college, after numerous discussions, conferences, and time with the CGF staff, the Lord won over Draegen’s heart with the gospel.

Upon graduation from SMU in 2010, Draegen went to work for Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City. During his employment, Draegen continued his involvement with CGF by conducting bible studies and developing new relationships with coaches and players in the Oklahoma City area.  Through this, Draegen quickly realized that his passion was to spread the gospel through the college golf community thus leading him to a full time position with CGF.

Over the last three years, Draegen’s life has been drastically changed through his walk with Christ. It is undeniable that God has drawn him into relationship with Himself, blessed him with deep friendships, and given him a love for college golfers. He is looking forward to serving the college golf community and sharing the “good news” that we have in Jesus.

Draegen works with players and coaches throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas.