Life Lessons at Boot Ranch

In this video, Marcus Jones (CGF staff) discusses a defining moment in his life with CGF supporter, Russell Rice, at Boot Ranch Golf Club the host course of last year’s Rik Massengale Four-Ball Tournament.

CGF Boot Ranch from Russell Rice on Vimeo.

Mr. Rice reflects on Boot Ranch as the host golf course in the Movie, 7 Days in Utopia, which stared Lucas Black, KJ Choi, and Robert Duvall. In one scene early in the movie, Lucas Black, blows up and loses his cool on the golf course, embarrassing himself and learning a hard lesson.

Mr. Rice asks Marcus about any similar hard lessons he had to learn as a young man. Marcus reflects on a story of his father, Ronnie Jones, finding a brilliant strategy in getting young Marcus to rid himself of some destructive angry habits. In this strategy, Ronnie Jones unintentionally gave a metaphor for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ronnie, Marcus’ father, broke something he loved (his own golf club) in order that young Marcus might be transformed and freed from his sin. By looking back at his earthly dad’s sacrifice, Marcus has found poise and perspective that continues to protect his heart from falling back into destructive behavior. His love for his earthly father was made stronger by his dad’s sacrificial actions.

In the same way, looking back on our heavenly Father’s love for us and Jesus willing sacrifice should transform our hearts day by day, leading us to a powerful, grateful, and faithful walk with God. Pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus, but this should not be done begrudgingly, but gratefully and willingly. The same good news that saves you is to be remembered daily and used by God to transform you.

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