A Devotional Thought by Rosson Anderson


Today, we’re sharing a devotional thought from by Rosson Andreson (Southeast Region).

Rosson came on staff in June 2013.  He resides in Birmingham, AL, and covers the Southeast region for CGF. Rosson graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Business.  Having attended the same church as Stephen Bunn in Birmingham, Rosson got plugged in with CGF right away.  Stephen discipled Rosson throughout his college years. Rosson is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree from Birmingham Theological Seminary.

What Does Grace Mean to Me?

Grace, one of the most beautiful words in all of Scripture, is the act of God through His son that allows sinners like you and me to be saved from our sins and the eternal punishment that we all deserve.  It is literally receiving something that you don’t deserve.  

When God showed me saving grace when I was a young boy, He brought me from darkness to light.  You see, the standard of entering Heaven is perfection.  We all no that were not perfect and never will be.  However, Jesus lived a perfect life on this earth in order that His righteousness may be put, or credited, on our account.  So, when God looks at me, He sees perfection, the same exact perfection His Son lived out some 2,000 years ago.  This is the beauty of grace to me.  

And then, my response to this?  Sure, I am still a sinner and will be until He takes me home to Heaven one day.  However, it is this same grace that God continues to show me to spurs me on to good works and the desire to honor and please my God.  Everyday, I must remind myself of this beautiful grace.  

In spite of who I am, what I have done, or what I will do in the future, God loves me “as if I had never been a sinner, as if I was perfectly righteous as His Son.”  This is good news. This is what motivates me to please my God.  

It takes me from a mindset of feeling like I have to please God (like an obligation) to I can’t wait to please and walk with my God today.  Grace is truly a game-changer.  I hope all of you guys get to experience this love and grace that God shows His people through Jesus!

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