Dealing with Depression

Do you deal with depression and anxiety? Welcome to the club.

In the second installment of our Fall 2016 Golfstat devotional series, CGF West Coast Staff Eric Salazar invites you to enter into his journey with depression in order shed light on how God wants us all to deal with it.

Thankfully, God is very clear on this issue and used the lives of David, Jesus and Paul (among other men and women of the Bible) to demonstrate that depression and anxiety can be experienced by those in deep relationship with God and that God uses dark moments in our lives to help us grow in our relationship with Him and in our relationships with those closest to us.

You are not alone, the God who loves and created you is calling you through your depression to lean more fully on Him, to experience His love more deeply and to open yourself up to be loved by people more fully.

Check out Eric’s encouraging message.

David, Jesus and Paul- Dealing with Depression from College Golf Fellowship on Vimeo.

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