One-Question Interview

In the second installment of our series of one-question interviews, we talked to CGF Staff Member Marcus Jones.

This series is just one way for you to get to know our staff. It’s also a way for us to honor the special relationships we’ve had with some of our favorite coaches.

Marcus Jones: My Favorite Coach

We caught up with Marcus and asked him this question. Here’s what he said:

marcusjonesI was blessed to have so many great coaches in my life. I loved my high school basketball coach, Lonnie Gaylor, who led a group of non-basketball players to play at a high level and have fun in the process. BUT, my favorite coach has to be my father, Ronnie Jones.

My father coached football, basketball, and the varsity golf teams at Graham High School in Graham, TX for most of his 36 year coaching career. For various reasons, he only “officially” coached me in High School golf, yet I wish I could have experienced him as a coach (not just a father) during my football and basketball days.

Coach Ronnie Jones was legendary and loved for several reasons that I noticed over the years.

  • He was skilled at assessing young people’s talents and putting them in the right position for success.
  • He brought variety to practice that created excitement and adventure in the learning process.
  • He taught truth through catch phrases that encouraged and inspired us all. (I still use the phrase, “having fun hurts sometimes”, when talking to my kids and college athletes.)
  • His passion and joy was contagious as he lead his teams into battle.

Why is he my favorite?  Strategy. He was a master strategist and taught me to think in sports and life. In golf, this was priceless. Golf is a thinking man’s game. What a blessing to have a father that spent lots and lots of time teaching me how to play the game of golf!!! He is reason I played at a high level so early in high school (#2 ranked junior in AJGA), he is the reason that I got to travel the world playing college golf (Un. of Texas), he is the reason I got to live out a dream of playing on the PGA Tour, and he is the reason that I now get to pass along to other young men this great wisdom.

I thank God for all the great coaches, like Ronnie Jones, that sacrifice so much in order to build up the next generation!!!

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