Korky Kemp serves as the Eastern Director for College Golf Fellowship, a national ministry with nine full time staff based around the country. Having played golf at NC State, then professionally for seven years on various tours, he started working with CGF in 2005. Through outreach banquets, team and tournament visits, weekly Bible studies, individual discipleship and retreats with PGA Tour players, the staff of CGF strive to impact the world of college golf and beyond with the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This blog post was adapted from Korky’s Links Player devotional on service.


“Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, ‘If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and servant of all.’” Mark 9:35

Servant Leaders in Ministry

If I asked you to take a minute and think through the people that have served you in your lifetime, who comes to mind?  Who are the top 3 people who have served you?

While in prayer over this devotional, the Holy Spirit lead me to some people that have served me in my 37 years of life.  People that came to mind included Robbie Rice.  Robbie worked in full time ministry, and one of the first times that I shared my testimony at a College Golf Fellowship retreat while I was at NC State, Robbie was in the front row smiling and nodding as I nervously spoke what God had done in my life.  Robbie did not say a word, but encouraged me tremendously!

The next person that came to mind was Merrit Lawn.  Merrit discipled me through the ministry of Athletes in Action.  He served me through weekly small group meetings and individual mentoring.  That brother was in my wedding!

The next person that came to mind was Javier Sanchez, a lifetime touring pro playing the senior circuit now.  Javier and I were playing in a Nationwide Tour event in South Carolina, and there were two Hispanic men working on the grounds in the hot, humid sun.  Javier grabbed two ice cold Powerade bottles from the “Players & Caddies Only” cooler and walked over to the workers…serving them some refreshment and being met with big smiles.

Next, my instructor while I played professionally, Kelly Phillips, came to mind.  Kelly poured his heart and soul into my golf game and did not charge a penny.  He also would seek out the grounds crew of the club and have lunch with men, who in the world’s eyes, were below him.

Servant Leaders in the Family

When we think of those who have served us, thoughts have to lead Mom.  My mother has given her entire life to serving not only me and my three brothers, but anyone she comes into contact with.  God definitely blessed her with the spiritual gift of serving others.

Finally, I think of my wife, Helen.  She served me by caddying on the mini-tours for three years.  She still has a tight right shoulder from all the fairways she walked, lugging my bag for me because she loved me.

Jesus’ Teaching on Service

Jesus’ words: “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and servant of all,” come in response to the apostles arguing over who was the greatest.  Throughout the gospels, serving others is seen as the highest priority for followers of Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ whole life was lived in service to God and others.  Even during the Last Supper, Jesus washes the disciples feet and encourages them to go and do likewise.

In conclusion, as we think of others who have served us, we come to the question of, “How can I serve others?”  May it be said of us, at the end of our days, that we lived a life of serving God and others, just like Jesus did.

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