One Question Interview

golf_motivationOver the past few months, we sat down with ten CGF staff members and asked them just one question:  “What’s the best advice you got as a new college golfer?”

The answers to this question turned into a series of blog posts sharing golf tips and statements which encouraged them to be persistent. stay disciplined and get to where they are today.


Ten Articles on the Best Golf Advice

Click on the links below to read what our staff members said about getting each piece of advice as new college golfers:

  1. “Focus on your first tee shot and go from there”
  2. “Find a way to win”
  3. “You’ll never play college golf!”
  4. “Putt the daylights out of it, have a blast, and try less”
  5. “Have fun and learn”
  6. “Enjoy the process”
  7. “You’re not good enough to play golf for a living!”
  8. “Having problems is normal;  Just keep moving forward”
  9. “All things pass; Only God is eternal”
  10. “Believe that you are the best player in the field.”

We hope these posts are helpful to you and also allow you to get to know our staff a little better.

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