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Ever received a “Various Artists” album with a collection of songs from different musicians? Or maybe you’ve seen an all-star basketball game where players from different teams come together to play for a special competition.

The book of Psalms is kind of like this. The Psalms are a collection of ancient Hebrew poems written by David, Solomon, and a number of other authors. But these compositions are also teamed up with Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon to form the Wisdom Books of the Bible.

They typically use generalizations in poetry to help us apply God’s truth to our daily choices so we can increase our skills, common sense and generally live life well.

Bible Studies on the Psalms

In this updated post, we highlight some of our best stuff on the wisdom of God from Matt Van Zandt (South Central Region), Marcus Jones (South-Central Region),  Wes Williams (Mid-West Region), Korky Kemp (East Region), CGF Executive Director Steve Burdick (West Region),and PGA Tour Partner Jonathan Byrd: It’s 3 Golfstat videos and 3 blog posts.

We hope these life lessons inspire you to discover more wisdom from the Psalms this summer.

Psalms 3 and 4 – Anxiety and Rest

Matt: “We become anxious about golf, school, a girlfriend. Many things in a college golfer’s life have the potential to bring anxiety. Jesus offers us every reason to be the opposite of anxious. To be courageous. To be active. To be confident. Ultimately, to have rest.” [Full post and partial transcript]


Psalm 13 – Has God Forgotten You?

golfSteve: “So often, we find ourselves stuck in a place in life that we don’t know how to get out of. Whether it is the loss of a job…a broken relationship…a battle with addiction, there are times when we feel like our enemies are triumphing over us…

We cry out to God and ask Him to save us from the mess. Sometimes He answers that prayer immediately, but other times He allows us to stay in the mess longer than we think is necessary. Ever feel like God’s become distant, or that He’s forgotten about you altogether? You’re not alone. ”

[Read Steve’s full post]


Psalm 16 – Your Pre-Shot Routine, Life and Jesus

golf-sandKorky: “What do you do when you find yourself in a slump?  What do you do after you have a bad hole during a tournament round?  Davis Love III and Jonathan Byrd kept repeating the same answer: PRE-SHOT ROUTINE, PRE-SHOT ROUTINE, PRE-SHOT ROUTINE.

If you find yourself in a slump, go back to your pre-shot routine…How do I handle stress?  Where do I turn when my life is not what I expected?  Whether we are dealing with stress, depression, purpose or meaning, Jesus is the answer. ”

[Read Korky’s full post]


Psalm 19 –  What Stirs Your Affections for God?

Marcus: “There’s design in the world and there’s certain places on earth and that design, that wisdom, should stir our affections for God. Starr Hollow is exceptionally one of those places for me. But it’s not just scenery that stirs our affections for God. The second part of this Psalm goes into talking about the law of the Lord; the Scriptures.” [Full post and partial transcript]


Psalm 62 – Got Struggles? There is Hope!

Wes Williams (Mid-West Region), shares a biblical message on the struggles of life and the hope that we have as Christians based on Psalm 62 and Revelation 21. [Full post and Scripture]


Psalm 103 – Grace Removes the Need to Prove Yourself

jonathan-byrd-pga-tourJonathan: “I began to compare my win to the other players, and suddenly mine didn’t seem to measure up. I wondered, “Am I as good as the other players who are in the tournament? Some have multiple wins and even majors.” I began to fall into the trap that I needed to prove myself. Prove that I deserved to be there, that my win wasn’t just a fluke. Soon the joy I had felt leading up to this prestigious event faded and I was left anxious and stressed. I had embraced a lie!

I don’t need to prove myself. God loves me and He saved me in the midst of my sin, out of His gracious work in Christ. This truth freed me up to compete, not bound by any expectations but with joy and freedom to enjoy the success of both my previous year and the love of my Savior.”

[Read Jonathan’s full post]


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