One Question Interview

bierbaumHere’s our June installment of the latest one-question interview, where we asked each of the guys “What’s the best advice you got as a new college golfer?” We caught up with Robb Bierbaum and asked him this question. His response was a little different from the other CGF staff, because it was a negative comment that challenged him to excel at golf.

Here’s what he said:

After my sophomore year of high school my golf coach sat me down and told me I would never play college golf. His words rocked my world and gave me the incentive to prove him wrong. Honestly his words had greater impact on my life than anything else I can remember during high school. In retrospect I have learned that God used that as a motivation and he leveraged that for my good. However, God has taught me that His words, alone, should impact me in ways that change and direct my life rather than the words of a man.

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