One Question Interview

Here’s our April installment of the latest one-question interview, where we asked each of the guys “What’s the best advice you got as a new college golfer?” We caught up with Michael Blodgett and asked him this question. Here’s what he said:

Michael Blodgett

Michael_BlodgettThe best advice given to me in college was by my coach JT Higgins and it was to “find a way” to win.

He always reminded us that no matter the conditions, weather, or situation that someone was going to get a trophy at the end of the tournament and it may as well be us. Therefore, he always encouraged us to not let our circumstances, feelings, or moods get in the way of us having great attitudes, a great work ethic and great results.

I am thankful for this because I often would make excuses for myself and let myself off the hook. Coach ingrained a solid work ethic and great attitude in me in college and I am thankful for this.

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