One Question Interview

Here’s our next one-question interview, where we asked each of the guys “What’s the best advice you got as a new college golfer?”

Hunter Brown

HunterWe caught up with Hunter and asked him this question. Here’s what he said:

“Sophomore year of college I was struggling with golf and thus it seemed like the rest of life too. In response, my grandfather Pop told me, ‘all things pass, only God is eternal.’ This shift in perspective pulled me out of my self-centerdness and let me admire the eternity of God. I’m still amazed that an eternal God would mercifully save me: a passing person consumed with a passing golf game.

AW Tozer captures this with these words in Knowledge of the Holy: “Out of eternity our Lord came into time to rescue His human brethren whose moral folly had made them not only fools of the passing world but slaves of sin and death as well” (page 47).

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