Learning from John

John wrote down a number of Jesus’ signs and saying to show us that Jesus was the Messiah–the Son of God–who offers eternal life to everyone who believes in him.

We encourage you to read the book of John this month, as you continue learn more about Jesus and grow in your relationship him. In this post, you’ll find three devotionals which give you a glimpse of the themes you’ll find in this gospel.

1. What is the Meaning of Life?

In this video, College Golf Fellowship Staff Member Brad Payne (Central Region) shares a Bible Study from John 1 and talks about how college students can discover true meaning in life.


2. What is Truth?

In this video, Michael Blodgett (Northeast Region) shares a helpful message on truth, based on John 18:37. Truth exists and it can be seen in the teachings and the person of Jesus Christ. 

3. Overcoming Timidity

In this video, Robb Bierbaum shares a message on the Gospel and breaking the power of fear, based on John 20:19-21. What changed the disciples from passive, timid, paralyzed and fearful to bold and fearless? The risen Jesus. The same power Sources is available to us. Let us live with boldness because of who we are in Christ.

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