One Minute Interview

Here’s the fourth installment of our summer one-minute interviews. We did this with our staff to help you get to know the guys a bit more. In this series, we’re asking everyone, “What was the best course you played in college…and how did you play?”

Meet Matt Van Zandt

Today, we’re hearing from Matt, who takes care of our South Central Region.

matt-van-zandtThe best course I played in college had to be the Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio. This place has such a rich tradition in golf hosting US Opens, PGA Championships, US Senior Opens and a US Amateur.

I played there in three tournaments including two regular season events and then the national championship in 2009. Overall, the place ate my lunch as it exposed many weak areas of my game. However, it was the site where we won the 2009 national championship so despite my average play, I have sweet memories from this place.


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