Brad Payne President Central Region Dallas, TX

In a Golfstat devotional video, Brad talked about the need for godly voices to speak into your life: Let’s say you want to know something about the Bible.  Or “What do I do with suffering and a good God?” “How do I deal with anxiety, fear, loneliness?” “What do I do with sin?” “What is sin?” Often times, we get into the quietness of our room and we’ll go online and just do a Google search for “God and suffering.” What you’ll get is pages upon pages upon pages of people giving their two cents, and sometimes that’s what it’s worth. Or they might give some very profound, good, biblical wisdom on the topic you’re interested in: God and suffering. But who do you know? Who do you trust to shepherd your heart? One of the things that we want to do at College Golf Fellowship is help you navigate where to go.

Here’s Where to Start

Check out some of the resources that we, as a staff, can confidently recommend as good places to begin your search for good answers to questions you have about the Bible and the Christian faith. Great for some encouraging summer reading!


counterfeit-gods desiring-god mere-christianity im-glad-you-asked foundations-search-ministries           Each of these books make a great starting point that will help you grow in your faith.


Besides these great books, each author below also has a great ministry which we recommend you check out.


Got some time to listen to something while you travel? These podcasts are great. Grab some wisdom from trusted voices while you’re on-the-go.


Finally, check out the following Web sites for even more great content. We heartily recommend each of these as trusted sites.

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