Going Against the Flow

One day, Masters Champion Pro Bubba Watson tweeted Hebrews 13:6, and the verse accurately portrays how he goes about his life. Here’s what it says:

“So we say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?’”

“What can man do to me?” is embodied by the attitude of going against the grain and doing things outside of the norm.

I remember playing in a Hooters Tour event with Bubba years ago, and he definitely did not succumb to the pressures of conformity even back then. The first hole we played was a dogleg left and most players would hit a 3 wood out to the right and would be left with 100-120 yard wedge to the green. As you can imagine, Bubba walks up, takes out driver, and aims directly at the green. He also had a Ping putter with a colorful shaft that included multiple pastels in a weave like pattern. When you play with Bubba, it always makes for a memorable round!

It’s Not What They Expect

The book, The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee, proposes two varying equations for self worth.

The world’s equation (Satan’s Lie) is that our self worth equals our own personal performance plus other people’s opinions. This concept of self worth places a tremendous amount of value on the fear of man.

In this view, what other people think of you determines how you will act. If people will look highly on you if you drive a certain car, wear certain clothes, use certain clubs, live in a certain neighborhood, have a certain job, know certain people, or look a certain way, than the person that defines their self worth in this fashion will conform to the patterns of this world.

The Search for Significance proposes that God’s equation is that self worth equals God’s truth about us. With this perspective, our self worth is not dependent on how others judge us or even how we perform in our own eyes.

It’s What God Expects

In God’s equation on self worth, our value comes from Jesus Christ. Someone who subscribes to this equation would feel value in the eyes of God independent of performance or the approval of others. This person will humbly have a high self worth because they know that God loves them, they are created in the image of God, they are unique, they live in a world created by God, they have been redeemed from sin, they have a future inheritance as a child of God, they are an ambassador for the King, more than a conqueror, etc… Ultimately this person’s identity is summarized by having infinite worth, they are secure in their relationship with God, and they are called to live a life of significance.

Most of the time, when we sin, we are holding the opinion of man or the opinion of ourselves above the opinion of God. Again, Hebrews 13:6 states:

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

Bubba Gets It

Like Bubba, let’s hold tightly to God for our identity and self-worth and release the affection we have for the world’s approval. 

This might help us feel less nervous on the first tee, but tremendously more important, this will help each of us to fulfill God’s calling in this life as we live out the faith. Does this mean we each have to incorporate a pink club into our golf bag? No. But it does mean that our lives will look different from the average Joe!


korkykempKorky Kemp
East Region (Greensboro, NC)

This post was adapted from Korky Kemp’s Links Players Devotional: By Faith, the Hall of Faith



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