Meet Davis Love III

You might know that Davis Love III holds 20 PGA Tour Victories and was the 2012 Ryder Cup Captain. You might also know that he also won the PGA Championship in 1997. But did you know that he enjoys hosting CGF Retreats at his house?

Davis has a big heart for college golfers and says, “I just want to give back to the next generation.”

He knows how much it means to have older, more experienced golfers speaking into the lives of young people. His dad, master professional and legendary teacher Davis Love Jr. taught him to love and respect the game at an early age. It’s no surprise that Davis wanted to be a pro golfer by the time he was 10 years old. He eventually won a scholarship to the University of North Carolina, turned pro in 1985, and the rest is history.

Life Lessons

In Davis’ inspirational work, “Every Shot I Take: Lessons Learned About Golf, Life, and a Father’s Love,” he shares the strength and value of his father’s teachings—from technical advice like, “When you begin your downswing, and your left foot returns to the ground, put your cleats in the same holes they were in originally,”  to practical advice for living: “Let your attitude determine your golf game; don’t let your golf game determine your attitude.”

Indeed, when you watch Davis’ closely, you’ll quickly discover that his passion goes way beyond golf.

Character Counts

“DL3,” as he’s often called on Twitter and other social media, doesn’t just get noticed for his accomplishments, but for his humble spirit as well. College golfers know that whether or not he takes home another prestigious win isn’t the driving force in his life.

“It’s just golf,” he told The Telegraph, talking about the huge European comeback at the 2012 Ryder Cup. That weekend, one of our Facebook fans wrote this on our wall:

 You all should be proud to have such a great supporter, who showed tremendous humility in a tough situation!

Year after year, we get tons of feedback from college golfers who are absolutely blown away by the generosity of PGA Tour partners like Davis Love III, who take the time to hang out with students and speak into their lives.

Giving Back to the Next Generation


I host the College Golf Fellowship conference at my house with Jonathan Byrd and now with Zach Jonson just to give back to guys like Larry Mize and Scott Simpson who were leaders and discipled us as young players and led us to the PGA Tour Bible Study and helped lead us to Christ. I just want to give back to the next generation.

I want to inspire these kids and also grow in my faith. I think they strengthen me a lot more than I strengthen them.

It’s just a highlight of my year and a great week. I look forward to doing it every year.

Join Us!

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