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“One of the CGF Board Members stumbled across this article at  It brought back a bunch of great memories of my playing days at Stanford with Tiger, Notah Begay, and Casey Martin.  Hope you enjoy!” – Steve Burdick

ESPN Article: “First class”

In this ESPN article, called “First Class,” Jeff Bradley recalls how “to Stanford’s defending NCAA champs, Tiger Woods was just a freshman.”

Excerpt: “We were like, if that’s how Tiger stacks up against Tour players, we’re all in trouble,” recalls Steve Burdick, an All-America two years earlier and a leader of the team that won the 1994 NCAA team championship. “He had more game than any of us had ever seen. We figured he’d at least finish in the top 10.” Like all college kids, they sat up a few nights and talked about the future, their hopes and fears, late into the morning…

Burdick, after spending a year as Martin’s caddy, became a youth minister at the Community Covenant Church in Rocklin, Calif., and now works for College Golf Fellowship, a program similar to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “There were days when I asked myself why I chased that little white ball for 15 years,” says Burdick. “But there’s a lot I can share with college golfers because I went through a lot myself.”

The Story Behind the Story

This article also includes a sidebar called “The Story Behind the Story.” Talking about Tiger Woods, Bradley recounts how he and his editor were “searching for a way to shed some light on a kid who had never given us much beyond shot-by-shot recaps of his rounds.”

Excerpt: It was a phone conversation with Steve Burdick, the best player on Stanford’s national championship team in 1994 — the spring before Tiger arrived — that has stayed with me. “I sat down for lunch with him one day,” Burdick recalled. “And I said, so what else do you do besides play golf? And Tiger said, ‘Eat and sleep.'” That story — that quote — encompasses both the good and bad we’ve seen from Tiger in the years since. I can’t help but think that “golf, eat, sleep” is what has made Woods the player, and person, he is. 


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