Meet Marcus Jones

South-Central Region (Argyle, TX)

Played College Golf at University of Texas
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In this new video series, you’ll meet each of our College Golf Fellowship staff members. Today, we’re kicking the whole thing off by sitting down with Marcus Jones. Check out his brand new staff profile video!

CGF Staff Profile Video

Complete Transcript

Hey, I’m Marcus Jones. I live in Argyle, Texas in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. I now cover the central region of the United States as best I can for College Golf Fellowship and I’ve been doing so for 7 years.

When were you introduced to golf?

Growing up, I was the son of a football/ basketball coach in West Texas–in a small town called Graham. He was also the golf coach. And in West Texas, the way it works is the best golfer out of the football coaches gets the job!

But, seriously, my dad loved golf. So, from an early age–2 to 3 years old–I was always at the golf course with him. And having that opportunity, I ended up becoming pretty good at the game. And so, by the time I got to high school, I played golf, but I also played high school basketball. And eventually, I played well enough–and on the national stage, in the AJGA ranks to be the number 2-ranked guy behind a guy named Tiger Woods.

I pretty much got to pick and choose where I went to school. It was at the University of Texas where I chose. Everybody on the team was from the state of Texas and there was something about trying to take the best players in the state and try to beat the world. So I went there.

When did you first connect with CGF?

I was actually introduced, immediately, to College Golf Fellowship by a CGF staff person named Mark Perry. And he happened to be from my same, small hometown of Graham, Texas. He worked with Rik Massengale and Brad Payne at the time. And, immediately, (he) was trying to encourage me in my spiritual walk. Up until then, I’d really–although my mom had brought me to church and I had, I think, a spiritual, a saving faith at the time–I’d really modeled my life after my dad–which was all about success and winning. And that was my goal. That was my focus. And God was somewhere down the list in priority.

And so, Mark Perry really loved me well and helped engage me at a level in college that helped me figure out what I believe and why I believe it. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

It was my sophomore year in college where I really pushed all the chips in and I got to the point where I really believed Jesus is exactly who he said he was. And because of that, I wasn’t just saved from something, like I believed earlier in my life. But I was saved to something. I was now his ambassador and representative. Not just on my college team, but to the world around me. And that changed my perspective on life. And all of a sudden, God was involved in everything that I did. And it blessed me immensely.

I played some great golf before. I played some great golf after. I played some bad golf before. I played some bad golf afterwards. But I was able to deal with trials on the golf course–and in my life–a lot better than I did before.

Can you share how you were called to CGF?

I turned pro in May of 1998 and played various min-tours: Teardrop tour in North Carolina; I played in Florida. I played (on the) Gateway Tour, Canadian Tour—all over a span of about 9 years.

During that whole time, I stayed connected with  Rik Massengale and Brad Payne and Steve Burdick and Stephen Bunn. And they continued to encourage me and pray for me and support me as I really tried to be a light in the mini tour golf world.

And so, I led and administered Bible studies when it was appropriate to do so. And it came to a point, I guess 6 years ago, where I had a bigger heart to do ministry and build into the next generation that I did to continue to pursue my golf career. And at that point, I looked at coaching or potentially working in a church.

College Golf Fellowship was looking to expand. Because the guys before me had done such a great job, there was a need in certain areas. And they said “Why don’t you consider coming to work with us?”

And when I weighed it out, I was like, “Absolutely.”

I think God’s uniquely gifted me to go back and impact my “people group,” if you will, and share with them the hope of Jesus.

What is your favorite part about sharing life with college golfers?

I really enjoy just being there. There’s somewhat of a, I don’t know if you want to call it a “ministry of presence.” I was very, very blessed to have a family that watched me play–that helped me, that helped shape me and encouraged me to be excellent in life.

A lot of these guys–especially ones from overseas–they got no one. And some of the guys from the United States, they had families who didn’t play. And just to encourage them in their school work, in the way they play the game, and help shape how they become men is really a passion for me.

Ultimately, all of that is processed through a biblical worldview. And I tell them that, straight up. Like, “This isn’t Marcus’ idea on life and manhood. But this is God’s idea. And as they get that, as they understand it; As they embrace that, they’re changed and shaped and equipped for the life to come.

That’s exciting.

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