PGA Tour Pro Golfer Jonathan Byrd

We caught up with Jonathan Byrd and other pro golfers last weekend in Dallas, Texas. In this video, Jonathan Byrd talks about his surgery, his strategy for improving his golf game, and his main goal in 2013.

Jonathan Byrd Video Transcript

What’s up,  CGF nation? My name is Jonathan Byrd–a PGA tour player about to start my 12th season on the PGA Tour. It’s been an interesting start to the season. This is the week of the Humana Challenge. I am injured right now. I had surgery 10 weeks ago. I haven’t played in about 5 months. I had surgery on my left wrist and I hope to be back playing in middle to late March in Florida.

But I had a team meeting in the off season, which I always do. And my team gathers and we always try to talk about, you know, the previous year, look at my stats and try to figure out what I need to work on for the next season so I can play my best golf. This year had a little bit of a twist. After looking at all the stats, it was apparent what I needed to work on. And that was a couple of areas of my putting–from, say, 6-15 feet and 3-putt avoidance. And then to work on my total driving stats; Hit more fairways and eliminate the left side of the golf course.

But even more than that, we decided that, the best goal–rather than a statistical goal in my game–was to try to see how we could glorify God in 2013. That was my main goal. (It) was to glorify God out of gratitude for what he’s done for me. And honestly, if you understand the gospel, God’s done immeasurably for me and for everyone who believes.  And out of that gratitude for paying a debt that we could not pay, I want to go out on the PGA  Tour and enjoy the talent he’s given me. Enjoy the process to work my tail off. Enjoy my family. And see where God takes me in 2013.

So I encourage you this year to see where God’s leading you, to glorify him, and be a good steward wherever he’s placed you and enjoy the process.

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