CGF Retreat Story in Local Paper

A local news outlet in Knoxville (TN), Knoxville News Sentinel, reported on a recent CGF Retreat with Scott Stallings and Webb Simpson in this article: Other than golf, common bond for Scott Stallings, Webb Simpson is their faith: Stallings, Simpson team up for CGF.

It was Webb Simpson’s very first retreat with College Golf Fellowship. He says:

“This being my first retreat, I was able to see firsthand how much fun it is, just getting away and hanging out…I’m not that far removed from college. I love hanging out with these guys.”

Scott Stallings loves being involved with our retreats, too:

“We talked a lot about golf. A lot about life and faith. It was good…I wish I had done this while I was in college. I think you can learn a lot from our failures and things we’ve learned…I got a big passion for CGF and what they do. I don’t look at this like something I had to do. I look at it as something I wanted to do. Same with Scott. We have guys older than us still giving back to us. It’s the least we could do.”


webb simpson christian(Scott Stallings’ house) served as a crash spot for college golfers, as he and 2012 U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson hosted a College Golf Fellowship (CGF) retreat in Knoxville.

More than five dozen occupied any open nook or cranny in Stallings’ house for roughly three days while sharing in discussions on faith and golf.

“Honestly, I think someone slept on the kitchen table. Our coffee table, couches, bathtubs, anywhere they could be,” said Stallings, a two-time PGA Tour winner. “It was pretty chaotic. But, man, it was an awesome time for everybody.”

It wasn’t all talk. There was a service project and also a 70-man dodgeball competition.

The final event was a round of golf with Stallings at his home course: Oak Ridge Country Club.

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