Thank You

In this video, PGA Tour Pro Jonathan Byrd thanks everyone supporting the ministry of College Golf Fellowship. We wouldn’t be here without friends like you. Thanks for your support!


My name is Jonathan Byrd. This message goes out to everyone who has supported College Golf Fellowship this past year.

I just want to say “thank you.” Your money has been well spent You’ve made a great investment into the lives of many college golfers. And you’ve made a great investment into supporting our staff and letting them go out and do what God has gifted them to do–It’s building relationships and it’s discipling young men and it is also spreading the good news. What greater investment (is there) than that?

But I also want to let you know that our staff is not only impacting college golfers. They’re impacting many on the PGA Tour. They’ve established so many good relationships with guys like myself, who’ve gone from college and now are on the PGA Tour. And they’ve blessed me by giving me great advice in my marriage, great advice as a parent, and it’s been an awesome thing to see.

So I just want to let you know that your money is impacting and changing lives in college, on the PGA Tour, and in many of the cities where our staff live. And I just want to say “thank you” again. Keep it up. I hope you continue to support this ministry next year and we love having you on board. Appreciate your prayers. And we know it’s just not your money, it’s your time and your prayers. Thank you!

The Ministry of College Golf Fellowship

CGF is the only Christian ministry with the specific purpose of building into the lives of college golfers, sharing the hope of Christ with them, and discipling those who have placed their trust in Him. We’re meeting a need that isn’t being met by any other organization. We have a mission field of nearly 18,000 young people, many of whom have never been exposed to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The potential influence that these young men can have for Christ in the future of America is astounding. We desperately need godly leaders in a world that is continually falling in personal ethics, integrity, and morality. As we reach the future leaders of tomorrow and equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ, our hope is that the influence of the Gospel will exponentially impact lives throughout the world of sports, business and beyond.

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