PGA Pro Golfer Lee Janzen

Pro Golfer Lee Janzen started playing golf when he was just 12 years old. He won his first tournament at 15 and later played for Florida Southern College. In 1986, when their team won the Division II national team championship, Lee Janzen was the individual medalist. Later that year, Lee turned pro. He joined the PGA Tour in 1989. Lee Janzen holds 8 PGA Tour victories and won the 1993 and 1998 U.S. Open Championships.

Lee Janzen Golf Video

Watch Lee Janzen ace the par-3 17th hole during round 2 of the 2009 Verizon Heritage.

But behind the killer shots and prestigious wins is a man of character who’s got a remarkable perspective—not just in golf, but in life.

Lee Janzen: The Main Goal

What’s the main goal in his life? Ultimately, it’s not about winning tournaments. It’s not about athletic performance at all. Here’s what Lee Janzen told a group of men at a breakfast event at Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club:

Winning really shouldn’t be the main goal.

After becoming a Christian, I wanted to play well—to win tournaments to impress God. I wanted to be able to give him the glory. I was putting so much pressure on myself.

I finally realized that I could win ten tournaments in a row or miss ten cups in a row and it won’t change how much he loves me. It doesn’t really matter to him. He wants to know where my heart is.

I realized, through the tough times, that if I could demonstrate myself in a certain way that pleased him—when I was playing my absolute worst—that would give him more glory than winning a tournament and praising him. Cause anybody, when things are going good, can be complimentary of everybody and say how great everything is.

I wanted to win so bad so I could tell everybody how great God has been in my life on 18 green but I finally realized that really, I didn’t matter to God—me winning tournaments or not. It was how was I living my life every day and every moment?

Lee Janzen and College Golf Fellowship

Lee Janzen enjoys investing in the lives of college golfers. For example, he hosts CGF retreats at his house. He loves seeing the power of changed lives and investing his efforts in college golfers:

It’s an amazing four days to watch these guys’ lives change…I am blessed to be involved with this and see the kids changing right in front of me.

CGF President Brad Payne says:

I was introduced to Lee by Paul Stankowski.  Lee and Paul became good friends out on tour.  Both were on the road alone with the families back home immersed in school and kids activities.  Paul continued to talk about our ministry and Lee really became interested in our mission.  I met him at the Byron Nelson Classic in early 2000’s.  We had multiple conversations and he decided that week to host a CGF retreat in his Florida Home that Christmas Break.  We have been good buddies ever since.  He has a wonderful heart for reaching college golfers with the gospel.  He is very open to spending time encouraging and sharing his story with college players.

Lee Janzen Video

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