Speaking the Truth in Love

What motivates your words? In this short video, Paul Tripp invites us to check our motives–whether we are speaking words of encouragement or saying thing people don’t want to hear while talking through some tough stuff. This clip is called, “The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.” Check it out.

Partial Transcript

The key to being an effective instrument of heart change in the life of another person is to start with your own heart. If it is true… that the war of words is really a war for the heart, then there’s never a moment when I don’t need to be visiting my motivations. If I have a hard thing to say to you… those hard words should be spoken in love.

Now here’s what this means: It means that I am speaking those words out of love for God and out of love for you. I want God’s purposes for than I want my own. And I want you to be benefited from what I say. And so, I say tough things to you–things that you may not want to hear. Things that may initially hurt you. But I say them in a way that’s motivated by love. And because I have that motivation of love, I say those tough things  in a way that’s loving.

They’re still tough. They’re still hard to hear. But they’re loving.I’m not putting you down. I’m not threatening you. I’m not calling you names. But I’m saying something that’s hard for you to hear.

The other is true, too. If I’m going to say sweet, nice things to you, I better visit my motives. Because I could be flattering you, to get you into the service of me. Because there’s something I want from you.

Now, you could look a a very hard talk, where hard things are said. And say, “That was God’s love being expressed.”

And you could look at encouraging, wonderful things that are being said and say, “That was an ungodly moment of communication, because that was flattery of another man to get that person into your debt so that you could get from them what you want.”

Here’s what truth and love mean: It means that the truth God wants me to speak to you stays pure. Because it’s not bent and twisted by other motivations of heart…

Because I love God and because I love you as I love myself, words are able to stay pure. The message is able to remain pure. It’s not bent and twisted by other agendas.