PGA Pro Golfer Ben Crane

Seen this yet? The PGA Tour poster boy for slow play isn’t what most people expect. He’s funny, witty and loves to play it up for the camera.

ESPN Golf described Ben Crane as “a highly competitive (golfer) from the Pacific Northwest who started shaving his head when it wasn’t cool.” But is he having second thoughts about the look?

Video: Therapy Sessions – Hair Attachment

On Ben Crane’s Twitter page, he describes himself as “formerly known as boring and slow, now leading a campaign to let yourself go and have fun. Love Jesus, family, golf and being ridiculous.” Indeed. He loves golf, loves God and loves College Golfers.

Ben Crane and College Golf Fellowship

Listen to this story about how he got involved with College Golf Fellowship.

Video: How Ben Crane got involved with CGF

Partial Transcript

“I was a college golfer myself…at the University of Oregon. Brad (Payne) came out to a couple of tournaments and just led a couple of Q&As with pros and (I) just got to know College Golf Fellowship that way.

So, I experienced it first-hand. And when the opportunity presented itself to have golfers come to my house and to do a retreat, it was something that my wife and I got really excited about and it’s something that we’ve really grown to just love over the years. Really, it’s a couple of the best days of our entire year. Just to have these boys in the home and to watch them grow.

These guys are making decisions in their lives that will set them up for the rest of their lives. It’s a powerful time. It was a powerful time for me–a very influential time.  It’s awesome having them here.”

Hanging Out with Ben Crane

What’s it looks like for a college golfer to hang out with Ben Crane? Check out a short excerpt from Kyle Knerim ’s blog about playing golf with Ben Crane during a CGF Retreat :

Ben dropped a ball in the fairway and asked, “Is it okay if I play a few holes with you guys?”  I immediately got nervous and excited.  I realized that I was going to have to hit golf shots in front of a PGA golfer….

I took a few practice strokes, and then hit the putt.  I watched the putt roll up the hill, and break to the right, right into the center of the cup.  I then heard Ben say, “Nice putt.”  I was pretty happy.  Ben Crane, the 2010 Farmers Insurance Open Champion, and the 2010 CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Champion, just told me, “Nice putt.”  That made my day.  He did beat me on the hole, he birdied and I parred, but at least I played respectable golf on hole 13.  After that hole, he drove off to play with other college golfers.

We finished the rest of our round, and then drove to the Crane’s house for dinner and the first session of our Bible study.

Meet PGA Pros like Ben Crane

Want to meet Ben Crane and some of your favorite PGA pros? You just might. Find out more about our FREE retreats and why pro golfers like Ben open their homes and partner with CGF.


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